Protect Yourself

A Schedule of Condition is an accurate condition record at the start of a Lease term which will limit the Tenant’s repairing liability.

We carry out Schedules of Condition within London and surrounding areas including Surbiton, Kingston-upon-Thames, Richmond, Teddington, Brixton, Fulham, Kensington and Mayfair.

The Risks

Many Tenants enter into a Lease or Licence to occupy premises and do not think about what their repairing obligations are and do not give this further consideration until they reach the end of their occupation.

Tenants also fail to understand the repairing liabilities and responsibilities they are signing up to and the likely financial impact involved when resolving the breaches of covenant.

It may not be at the forefront of a Tenant’s thinking to assess the likely cost implications when they vacate premises, but this usually proves to be a costly error.

Without a Schedule of Condition it can prove difficult for either party to establish what condition the premises was in at Lease commencement, let alone several years later at the end!

The Schedule

The Schedules of Condition we produce are thorough providing a description of the building elements and condition.

Each Schedule of Condition prepared is accompanied by high quality photographs.

If high level surveying is required we can complete Polecam Survey work using 4K resolution video equipment. This is particularly useful when carrying out surveys of roofs including those serving residential properties, offices or warehouses. The high quality videos produced can be attached to the Schedule of Condition offering great protection.

The Schedule of Condition once prepared must be appropriately annexed to the Lease by your appointed solicitors. The legal text which is usually within the repair clause should be worded carefully.

If you are considering entering into a commercial Lease and require further information and advice on Schedules of Condition, please do get in touch and email us at

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