What is a Pre-Acquisition Survey?

Our Pre-acquisition Survey Reports are suited to commerical buildings and involve a detailed evaluation of construction and condition.

We can also advise on future liabilities under the terms of a lease. We will always advise a new Tenant to seek professional advice before entering into a lease agreement.

When a lease term comes to an end, it is likely there will be a dilapidations liability due to failure to comply with the lease covenants. In these circumstances, a Landlord is likely to commission a Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations making a claim against the Tenant.

Within our reports we can produce dilapidations cost estimates which can benefit the Tenant for budgeting purposes.

We also calculate costs to rectify defects for maintenance purposes often placing the purchaser in a stronger negotiating position with the Vendor.

Legislative compliance issues affecting users, owners and occupiers are also included in our reports.

Why do I need a Pre-Acquisition Survey?

The pre-acquisition survey is recommended when considering the acquisition of a commercial premises whether by purchase or lease. A pre-acquisition survey is essential to provide a detailed understanding of the existing condition of the property, its suitability for a particular use and any associated future liabilities.

How we can help

We have vast experience of undertaking pre-acquisition surveys for a wide variety of properties and will ensure that the report is prepared to suit your specific requirements.

A pre-acquisition survey enables you to make informed decisions about the proposed premises and its investment potential. The outcome of the acquisition survey will help decide whether not to go ahead with a purchase or lease and it may influence negotiations regarding price. It is also highly likely to prevent any unforeseen and serious cost implications in the future. The pre-acquisition survey forms the basis for any future planned maintenance works required at the property following the purchase or lease. We are able to provide further services in relation to this, through to completion.

If you are acquiring a commercial premises, please get in touch and email us at info@cavendishsurveying.co.uk

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