We Administer Contracts

Are you considering a construction project and wish to reduce risk? Our chartered building surveyors are here to help.

We provide professional services in carrying out specification writing, tendering and overseeing construction projects, both large and small.

In having a professionally drafted specification, it provides direction to the contractor and in turn reduces risk to our Clients.

In tendering works and obtaining prices, often from a pool of contractors that we have worked with before, we obtain competitive costs which assist our Clients.

We carry out the following types of project:

  • Roofing Work and External Repairs and Decorations
  • Refurbishments to Residential Properties
  • Alterations and Improvements to Residential Properties
  • Insurance Claims including Fire, Water, Flood and Impact Damage Reinstatement

Services include:

  • Specification Writing
  • Contract Preparation
  • Measured Surveys and Drawings
  • Overseeing the Works

JCT Construction Contracts

Generally we recommend projects are properly specified, be competitively priced by Contractors and be annexed to a standard Form of Building Contract such as JCT Minor Works 2016 Edition.

The contractual stage payments made to the Contractor should be agreed from the outset, including any retention period and percentage, and the contract should be administered by a Contract Administrator.

A retention period involves a sum of money being held back from the Contractor for a period of time, until defects which have arisen are resolved; it is only then when the final payment can be made to the Contractor.

Services and Professional Fees 

Cavendish Surveying produce detailed tender packages for construction works for residential and commercial property.

Our chartered surveyors endeavor to ensure that contract terms are complied with and seek to establish relationships with all parties.

We administer contracts and deliver results.

Call us on 0208 334 4773 or email us at for free initial advice and fees.

Click on ‘Pre-Contract Services’ or ‘Post-Contract Services’ tabs below for further information or, contact us directly.

The Client Brief

Each Client Brief is captured and recorded in writing.

Specification Activity

We specify the project works reviewing any drawings produced, or we will carry out the drawing activity.

Statutory Approvals/Processes

We will advise of statutory compliance matters as part of our service.

All necessary consents must be obtained to ensure the construction work is lawful and proceeds without delay including:

Planning Permissions

Building Regulations Approvals

Build-Over Agreements

Party Wall Awards


A Tender Package would normally include:

  • Contract Preliminaries
  • Materials And Workmanship Clauses
  • Schedule Of Works/Specification
  • Drawings
  • Pre-Construction Information To Comply With CDM 2015
  • Designer’s Risk Register To Comply With CDM 2015

The Contract

The priced Specification will be costed amounting to a total becoming ‘the Contract Sum’.

The Contract should be drafted, signed by both the Employer and Contractor and kept safe.


We are experienced in producing tender packages and monitoring projects.

Feel free to call us on 0208 334 4773 or email us at

Post Tender Services

The Post Tender Contract Administration role involves careful monitoring of a project from start through to completion including:

  • The Pre-Contract Site Meeting and Detailed Minutes
  • Regular Site Visits and Reporting
  • Close Contact With The Contractor and Employer
  • Monthly Site Meetings and Detailed Minutes
  • Valuation Exercise(s) and Issuing Certificate(s) For Payment
  • Scrutinising Contractor Variations and Issuing Contract Administrator’s Instructions
  • Issuing Certificate(s) for Extension of Time (As Appropriate)
  • Issuing Certificate of Practical Completion


Our experienced chartered surveyors will endeavour to ensure that contract terms are complied with.

Feel free to call us on 0208 334 4773 or email us at

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