Our Experience

If you are considering a construction project in London or the Home Counties, whether this be to a flat, house or bungalow, our Surveyors will be pleased to impart with years of experience to assist you.

Our Project Managers and Contract Administrators are experienced in residential, commercial and industrial sectors acting for private individuals, Local Authorities and businesses.

We are used to Insurance Claims, including flood and fire damage, high end residential and commercial projects, as well as delivering works requiring Leaseholder contributions under Section 20 of The Landlord and Tenant Act.

Construction Contract Advice

We recommend all projects are annexed to a standard Form of Building Contract such as JCT and be competitively priced by Contractors.

The appropriate form of Building Contract must be selected.

Providing a significant deposit to a Contractor prior to works commencement must be avoided.

Stage payments and retention should be agreed from the outset.

A retention period is when a sum of money is held back from the Contractor until defects arising during the Defects Liability Period are resolved.

The Contractor can be provided the Final Payment once all defects have been remedied.

Services and Professional Fees 

We can prepare tender packages for construction works and complete full Contract Administration carefully monitoring works from start through to completion.

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Click on ‘Pre-Contract Services’ or ‘Post-Contract Services’ tabs below for further information or, contact us directly. We will be pleased to discuss your project with you.

The Client Brief

Each Client Brief is properly captured at commencement and recorded in writing. The information should be transferred to Designers and Specifiers who will work together and with you.

Design Activity

The design work requires scrutiny and usually input from others, such as Structural Engineers or Interior Designers.

Drawings and specification documents should correspond with one another and be sufficiently detailed. This is a common flaw.

Statutory Approvals/Processes

All necessary consents must be obtained at the right times to ensure the construction work is lawful and proceeds without delay including:

Planning Permissions

Building Regulations Approvals

Build-Over Agreements

Party Wall Matters

Specification and Tendering

The specification activity must be completed with care and tie in all information forming part of the tender.

Poor quality specifications will cause issues during project progression.

Our Surveyors have taken over ‘Problem Projects’ from others finding very poor quality specifications.

A Tender Package would normally include:

  • Contract Preliminaries
  • Materials And Workmanship Clauses
  • Schedule Of Works
  • Drawings
  • Pre-Construction Information To Comply With CDM 2015
  • Designer’s Risk Register To Comply With CDM 2015

The Contract

The priced Specification will be costed amounting to a total which will become ‘the Contract Sum’.

The Contract should be drafted properly and signed by both the Employer and Contractor.

We recommend the signed Contracts are kept safe, for example within a fireproof cupboard.


Early project planning always pays dividends in terms of time, cost and quality.

We are experienced in this field, particularly in Construction Contracts.

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Post Tender Services

The Post Tender Contract Administration role involves careful monitoring of a project from start through to completion including:

  • The Pre-Contract Site Meeting and Detailed Minutes
  • Regular Site Visits and Reporting
  • Close Contact With The Contractor and Employer
  • Monthly Site Meetings and Detailed Minutes
  • Valuation Exercise(s) and Issuing Certificate(s) For Payment
  • Scrutinising Contractor Variations and Issuing Contract Administrator’s Instructions
  • Issuing Certificate(s) for Extension of Time (As Appropriate)
  • Issuing Certificate of Practical Completion

The Contractor’s activities are monitored closely to ensure the work is being carried out using the correct materials and to the appropriate standard of workmanship.


Close monitoring of the Contractor will ensure for a higher standard of workmanship.

During construction there is always a degree of problem solving where we will be able to add value.

The Contract Administrator fulfilling their role will ensure the Employer is protected.

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