Houses & Bungalows The Most Sought-After Properties, Study Reveals


It seems the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the kinds of properties that house buyers want.


New research from Rightmove reveals that houses and bungalows are now seeing the most interest.


At the start of the year in 2020, the top five sought-after properties were (in order): three-bedroom houses, two-bedroom houses, three-bedroom flats, one-bedroom houses and two-bedroom flats – but when May arrived, all types of flats had dropped out of the running.


Some 39 percent of buyers who are currently in the market say that lockdown has had an effect on what they’re looking for in a new home, with the biggest change for both emerging as either wanting access to a garden or wanting a bigger one.


Miles Shipside housing market analyst with Rightmove explained that the site has seen traffic hit its highest ever level after the market reopened a few weeks ago, with many people now keen to begin a new journey and make a few lifestyle changes.


“During lockdown people have been re-evaluating what their must-haves are, and both buyers and renters are craving a home with its own outside space rather than a flat. It will be fascinating to see how the trends unfold over the course of the rest of the year” Miles went on to say.


A surge in people keen to move abroad has been seen as well, with Rightmove Overseas reporting that Spain, France and Portugal are the most popular destinations at the moment.


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