If you are finding party wall agreements a headache at your property, spare a thought for the owner of a former garage that has been converted into a family home.

Living etc recently highlighted the property as one of the most imaginative conversions to be found, because the former garage has 21 neighbouring properties and therefore a staggering 21 party wall agreements.

This meant that the architects couldn’t put any windows on its outer walls. Instead, they created three light-well courtyards within the property to fully illuminate it and make it feel much lighter than you might imagine.

The new owners were also unable to build up due to height restrictions on the property, so they have instead dug out a basement to create more space for their family home.

Light-well courtyards provide natural light to this part of the home, while skylights in the roof of the building ensure that the rooms on the upper level receive plenty of daylight too.

It isn’t only the magazine that feels as though this property conversion is worthy of recognition, with the architects behind the design, De Rosee Sa, winning the New London Architecture 2017 Homes Award.

The publication also highlighted several church conversions that have done a great job of retaining the best of the traditional features within the places of worship while creating homes that not only look spectacular but that are also highly functional.

If you’re planning to undertake a large-scale renovation of a property, it’s essential that you contact a party wall surveyor in London, or wherever you’re based, to ensure that the planning and construction process remains within the law.

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