If you are undertaking house renovations that include a party wall, then, of course, you will need to help of a surveyor. But what if it’s your neighbour who is conducting the work, what do you need to know?

Initially, before the work begins, your neighbour needs to serve you notice under the Party Wall Act, which is the strict procedure when a building owner is proposing works to a party wall, which should involve the intended works, and needs to be served between two months and a year before the commencement of the work.

As the adjoining owner, you do have options open to you, namely giving your consent, or disagreeing to the intended works.

If you disagree, or you have any doubts about the work, you should then either serve a counter-notice which indicates this, or do nothing at all, in which case you are deemed to disagree.

You can then appoint a surveyor to jointly represent you and your neighbour, or you can each appoint your own surveyor. The surveyor or surveyors will then try to resolve any disputes over the work, and draw up a party wall award which sets out the terms of the agreement between you and your neighbour.

Typically, in most cases, the person who is carrying out the work is responsible for meeting the costs of the surveyors.

Where you consent to the works and then suffer damage to the property as a consequence of the works, you are still able to make a claim against your neighbour under the Party Wall Act.

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