Buying a house can be a long process, with everything from arranging a mortgage, choosing a house, hoping your offer will be accepted, all the way to moving and setting up your new home.

Many first time buyers might not be prepared for just how many steps are involved, and how many external agencies are involved before you can make your first house your home. We wanted to have a look at why you need to get your prospective purchase surveyed by a Chartered Surveyor.


  1. We inspect a house – not a home

Your surveyor will not have any emotional attachment to your chosen property, meaning they can conduct a survey dispassionately, and not given to ignoring any minor flaws because of attachments to the house.


  1. We’ll see things you won’t

On average, potential house buyers spend 38 minutes in total at the property, and will have visited it twice before deciding to buy it, and are unlikely to go back until they own it. A surveyor will spend several hours objectively inspecting it, especially in areas you will not have seen.

Pro tip – meet your surveyor at the property, you get to see it a third time and the surveyor can show you what he’s found.


  1. We know what we are doing

A surveyor will be trained and have experience in forensic building investigations, the cause of subsidence, wet rot and dry rot etc, as well as having professional indemnity insurance and spent five years training to be a Chartered Surveyor.


  1. You’ll save money in the long term

Research by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) shows that one in five of buyers who did not have a survey later uncovered faults, which cost £5,750 on average to remedy. A building survey will identify faults and remedial costs and enable you to make an informed decision and renegotiate the cost.


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