No matter whether your building plans involve a party wall or your neighbour is the one with the plans, party wall procedures can be confusing in some circumstances, and it may be that you’re facing some ambiguity when making decisions.

We wanted to look at five useful tips for the adjoining owner of a party wall to follow before, during and after any party wall procedures. Hopefully, these will help you avoid any common mistakes during the process, and minimise any issues associated with the construction work.


  1. Speak to your Party Wall Surveyor as soon as you find out that your neighbour is planning on undertaking Party Wall works

This will not only make sure you fully understand how the Party Wall etc Act 1996 applies to you and your neighbour’s works, but also to dispel any misunderstandings about the process.


  1. Get a second opinion

A second opinion is always a wise move, as the Party Wall etc Act 1996, as with many Acts, is subject to interpretation and case law. This can be interpreted in different ways by different surveyors, and a second opinion will ensure you have all the facts.


  1. Never assume the building owner will serve the party wall notice

This can be a common reoccurring problem, and while serving a party wall notice is a legal requirement, often the building owner starts works without following correct procedures. If you know your neighbour is planning construction works, speak to them and make sure they are aware of their responsibilities.


  1. Discuss the building owner’s proposed work with the adjoining owner in advance of the works commencing

Make sure that the adjoining owner is fully informed of the intended works. Discussing the work can also lead to revised plans that are then of mutual benefit to all parties.


  1. Get in touch with the party wall surveyor as soon as there is an issue on-site

If you notice an issue with the building owner’s works during the construction, talk to the surveyor. The surveyor is there to deal with all issues from minor to major, no matter how small the issue.


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